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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 31, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> you're not here until 8:00. she's going to get the beauty rest she doesn't need. i'll see you back tomorrow at 1:00 with shannon green. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great halloween. stay safe out there. and begin this hour with more on that tragedy unfolding right now in egypt. there are no survivors from the crash of a russian jetliner going down egypt's sinai peninsula. hello. welcome to brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm uma pemmaraju. all 224 passengers, several children, all dead. they are charged with the gruesome task of recovering the bodies to cairo. authorities on the ground have recovered both black boxes. the flight crashing 20 minutes after taking off from a popular resort on the red sea.
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now there's news two of europe's largest airlines have decided not to fly inc, that area until more definitive news on the crash. joining us with the very latest on the middle east bureau. john. >> we're talking about lufthansa, the german airliner and air france. again, airline officials say they will divert around the ntil, as you mentioned, uma of this crash is determined. as i said earlier, it's such a fluid situation,umaay new details, piecing it together. as far as we know, as the crash goes, as you mentioned, both black boxes have been recovered. this is crucial. this is key because it will help investigators determine what happened in the minutes and seconds before the plane went down. what we know is that the plane
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operated by the russian airline metro jet departed at dawn from the southern sigh any resort sharm el sheikh. popular along red sea en route to st. petersburg, russia. about 20 minutes into the flight the pilot reported technical difficulties before contact was lost with air traffic controllers. officials say it was flying at a normal cruising altitude just above 30,000 feet when the emergency call was made. it and the plane may have diverted from its intended flight path perhaps trying to make an emergency landing according to egyptian officials, again, before it dropped off the radar. at this point, family members are in st. petersburg at the airport waiting on any new information. we've also been seeing images of bodies that have been recovered
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uma. >> indeed, john. thank you very much. for more reaction to the story bring in u.s. retired sergeant shaper, also policy research. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> the fact they have the black box is good news and they will learn fairly quickly what led to this crash. >> the notable thing this aircraft was at or near cruising altitude at 30,000 feet. to bring it down with a military weapon would require something around the lines of s-300, russian made high-altitude air defense program or patriot or something along this line. at this point in time i find totally -- i'm totally skeptical of any interior planes. with that said, alternate to terror is a bomb on the
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aircraft, which would explain the technical difficulties. i think we're just too early to actually determine what brought them down. the blackrf boxes will have a huge, you know, bounty of evidence of what happened. you know, clearly it could go either way right now. still leaning towards technical failure at this point. >> that region a volatile area in the sinai peninsula. we're learning two major airlines in europe have diverted their aircraft away electric that region until there is actually clear evidence of what led to this crash. >> that's very wise. i think everybody has to understand that an overabundance of caution is very wise. with that said, you can't stop living life, you can't stop flying. to avoid areas of conflict like this is wise. again, uma i don't think a shoulder held could have done this based on altitude, come down from 30,000 feet. again, you have to remember the security mechanisms people put
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in a bomb on the aircraft is something to watch out for. >> we're putting up new video for viewers to see the flight of the crash as people are talking there. as they continue with the investigation, they will look very closely at the transmissions that took place between the pilot and the control tower, knowing that he did make one call to say that there were some issuesa1 and th just disappeared. >> again, that could be a bomb going off on the aircraft. it could have been in the hold. there's any number of options regarding something placed on the aircraft prior to it taking off or being remotely detonated. i don't think isis would be able to do that, we have larger problems to look at. isis is adaptive. they are very smart. we cannot basically miff them on the face of this. with that said, i don't believe for a minute this was done with a weapon of war, a surface-to-air missile, at least in this case. >> shifting gears just a bit. >> sure. >> we know this news comes on the heels of what's been
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happening with our own special forces that are going to be heading to the region, to syria, the white house deciding after two years to send up up to 50 special ops advisers in the fighth-9
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expanded and necessarily so. ultimately, uma, the answer still remains if we have to lea÷ with our6 allies, the arab nations there have to get their act together. you and i talked about our proposal of asrab nato, with russia showing up damascus power, russia and syria with an organization and we're proposing a nato-type organization to counter it. how we can enable our allies to put boots on the ground. our boots on the ground should be very minimal like this and doing those very precise, very hard thins of special operations forces going on. >> let me ask you what does this mean specifically from the white house they are doing to be advising the forces on the ground there, the fact they are special ops forces who are very good and highly trained. do we expect to see any of them in combat? >> yes, come on. the pentagon has been splitting
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hairs about this. we are in combat. let me be clear. people are living and dying every day on thek battlefield. we just saw the delta operator killed about two weeks ago. there's no doubt our guys are going into arms way. to lead effectively, uma, you have to go out with these)> you can't be behind the wire. you have to be out there. these folks need field on the ground guidance. our men and women are going to be in harm's way. it's necessary to be in it. don't invest resources if you're not in it to win it. that's where we're at right now. there's a realization we can't phone this in from behind the wire. we have to be out there leading. we don't have to have tens of thousands of people but we need the most effective we have to lead allies most effective to do the work to unite us. >> stakes remain high. tony schaffer, good to see you
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again. >> appreciate it. turning now to politics, there's a billionaire making new waves in the gop contest and it's not donald trump.w/ñ=n billionaire hedge fund manager throwing his weight behind marco rubio. giving a boost after what's described as a strong performance in this week's republican debate. joining us live from"taz d.c., garrett, what does this mean now for rubio's campaign? >> this is certainly another big win for the campaign, one of the wealthiest, most influential donors in the country. jeb bush and chris christie courting as well. the vast network of donors could potentially bring millions of dollarsrb to rubio's campaign. >> i'm grateful, when people donate to us they buy into our agenda and i'm glad he has. resources alone aren't enough. you have to have the right ideas and right principles and be the right person for the job.
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>> shortly after the endorsement, a major pro rubio super pac conservative solutions announced it's also ramping up its efforts and plans to spend millions of dollars on the tv ad for the florida senator who the pac says is one of four republican candidates with a reasonable chance of becoming the nominee. the other three, dr. ben carson, donald trump and ted cruz. uma. >> what are front-runners saying about rubio's rise at the moment. >> any time trump starts attacking you, you know you're doing well. he's beentcriticizing rubio for using a super pac. trump said he would not use a super pac after being criticized for being connected. ben carson refuses to criticizes fellow candidates. he's leading the charge on how future debates are conducted especially after cnbc's highly criticized debate last sunday. >> let's talk about a different
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type of format. perhaps something where you have two or three or four or five minutes to talk about your policies, about your tax policies, about other kinds of things and then be questioned about them. >> carson's campaign is one of several that will be meeting together privately here in-@ d. tomorrow to discuss what changes they would like to see in debates and how to make those changes happen. uma. >> garrett, thanks very much. let's take a closer look what this means from marco rubio's name. great to have you on board, thanks for joining us. there are reports rubio's super pac advisers send out the memo after the debate. they contend for presidential hopefuls that could win the nomination, rubio, carson, trump. those prosecute pac guys are reportedly making the case to the billionaire as well. an effort to get folks like singer on board show how fast it can change since that debate?
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>> they realize this is rubio's moment, the moment toos capitale on. he had a great performance. carly fiorina, she didn't capitalize, get a lot of forward momentum. now rubio is. this commitment is big. they tried to persuade him over and over to go with bush. he watched the debate and made up his mind. it shows you your moment can rise. it can disappear. >>no you have to seize when it
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hits. shouldn't rubio camp, so many in the gop camp came out early against candidate at that time, barack obama, his lack of experience in the private sector. how do you think rubio will respond? >> he's certainly correct about that. you're absolutely right. jeb bush and his people have called rubio, the republican obama. there's no greater insult in the republican party than to all somebody gop obama. he's going to get a lot of scrutiny. not just from other candidates but independent news organizations. he's got to be ready for it's not like he's a complete novice. he was speaker of the house in florida. he's been in the senate for five years. he's had some of this before but nothing like presidential hot zb house. >> absolutely.
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even though momentum is with rubio in terms of raising money. jeb bush and others are ahead in terms of how much they have raised so far. >> yes, we're too quick to say, this one is out, that one is out. it doesn't work that way. we're still months away from the first real human beings votes being cast in iowa on february 1st. so i think there's going to be less movement than people think but there is some movement. what movement we can see after this beat was for rubio. on november 10th, there's another fox business debate coming up. there's always another debate just ahead. >> indeed. i can't let you go without asking you a question for your reaction on the fact that the gop has suspended its relationship with nbc over the( debate, the next debate down the road. the fact many people inside gop
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very critical of priebus saying the whole thing mishandled, journalists shouldn't be moderators but people high-profile in the radio world like radio hosts, rush limbaugh and mark levin. what do you think about that? >> they have got to work this out. the campaigns will talk about what they want to do. they know they have research just like donald trump and ben carson were able to get them to cut the debate from three hours to two hours. the candidates if they threaten not to show up have a lot of leverage. i think there will be changes to the format. i'd love to see this broken into smaller groups, have the candidates sitting at a tablek with a moderator acting as a traffic cop and making sure every candidate gets equal time. wouldn't has be aunice for a change? it's supposed to be about informing voters, making moderators famous, building up
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the network so they can charge $250,000 for a 30-second ad during the debate. >> it would be a very interesting change indeed to see some of those things materialize. all right, larry. always great to see you. that you so much for joining us. >> thank you, uma. >> well, 7,000 pages, that's how many hillary clinton e-mails the state department releasing late yesterday. don't expect to see any e-mails between president obama and the formerl÷ secretary of state, th white house now saying it will not release those untilhi$a afte leaves office. james rosen with more now from d.c. >> greetings from washington where aides to president obama where he and secretary of state hillary clinton only exchanged a relative handful of e-mails and they were, quote, mostly nonsubstantive. that's because the president and clinton mostly conducted business in person or by telephone. the white house says presidential communications are not subject to the freedom of
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information act, a position also taken by the bush/cheney administration. at one point the secretary whose server running weak and security software joked to office of legal council that the chinese were hacking contact list. weird since i only haveçg gmail wrote in 2011. maybe chinese hacked it and focused on you. two minutes later clinton wrote that aide again. even weirder, i checked and i do have your state but not your gmail, so how did that happen. must be the chinese. those trusted with the e-mail address was actor ben affleck. during benghazi committee clinton a admitted u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens ultimately recruited for the mission and ultimately killed by terrorist during benghazi attack did noañ have hr personal e-mail address.
12:18 pm
the state department is processing 55,000 of mrs. clinton's private e-mails for public release friday as well as the largest monthly release so far with 7,000 e-mails. mrs. clinton has said she deleted 30,000 before turning the rest over. the fbi is investigating whether any laws were broken. uma. >> all right, james. f that report from d.c. a new period of calm on capitol hill or is it just the calm before the storm? newly elected house speaker paul ryan taking the gavel promising a clean slate. congresswoman weighing in on what to expect. president obama blaming protests and violence on the media. is it fair and what's the fallout over his remarks? you will hear from milwaukee county sheriff clark who has some definite thoughts about the issue. >> the respect factor is not there for the policeman out there. i talk to cops every day in new york and around this country whenever i travel and the same feeling is there. what's going to happen is we
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>> media attempts to focus on sensational and controversial and folks on both sides who say stuff designed not to bring people together but oftentimes makes the situation more polarized. as a society we tend to go from shock to complacency on these issues. >> that's from president obama this week addressing thousands of law enforcement officials across the country and calling out the media saying it's partly responsible for fueling the wave of anti-police and protest. many police organizations crying foul. joining us now with more reaction, we're happy to welcome once again to our show milwaukee county sheriff david clark. great to see you. nice to have you here today. >> thank you. >> this week in chicago, a city seeing a surge of problems to more murders and armed assaults and coping with anti-cop
12:24 pm
attacks, cable news shows and social media whipping up divide between those they serve. is there any truth to that charge from where you stand? >> president obama suffers from classic narcissistic personality disorder. it's a mental disorder right now. i wish somebody would write about 3it. what i mean by that, it's never his fault, never does a personal inventory, looks in the mirror and see what might be his shortcomings and where he could do better. not only do that but look in the mirror and tell the american people where he'sw5/z fallen sh. problem is he was wrong on everything he touched. he was wrong on the stimulus. he was wrong when he said obama care would lead to lower health care cost. he was wrong on syria, wrong on russia, wrong on isis when he called them the jv team of terror onorganizations. the list is endless. wrong on the war on terror, with drawing from iraq.
12:25 pm
this is the problem as far as i see i.j as far as bringing it back to the american police officers. it's always the police officer's fault. he never blames the criminal. he never flames personal behavior and lifestyle choices of criminal element, no, it's always the police's fault. you'll never hear these eight words come from his mouth. it was my fault. i was wrong. >> those remarks made after fbi director james comey suggested the so-called ferguson effect and video shot with civilians along with police are factors in the spike in violent crime saying this stirs up hysteria in cases where there are cases of alleged police brutality. law enforcement buy into this or simply hype? >> no, we don't buy into that. that's been the president's m.o. since he got into politics. he came out of community agitating as i call ghit. chaos with groups of people and
12:26 pm
exploit it. he's pitted men against women, he's pitted blacks against white, poor against rich. he's gone on and a black racialist against police. the list there is endless, too. then he moves in for a political agenda. this has been divider in chief. >> filmmaker quentin tarantino speaking at a rally on police brutality calling police officers murderers days after a police officer was killed in the line of duty. his father is quoted saying ëñ son is dead wrong saying quentin tarantino has three cousins who happen to be police officers with one killed on the job. what do you make of all this? >> he got caught up in the hype,
12:27 pm
quentin tarantino got too far in front as far as i'm concerned with that scandalous indictment. i reyekaterina the notion that police brutality that they use, every use of force is an act of police brutality. i reject that exists in the united states of america. we do not practice it, it is not a custom, culture. we got rid of that$l in the '60. we're more professional, better trained, better equipped to serve the american people.4=gx we've come a long way in this proud profession i've been a member of for 30 years. i'm not going to stand by. let me give a definition of brutality, violent, savage behavior. that does not describe uses of force every time an officer use÷ force. this black lives matter movemen,
12:28 pm
still calls mike brown-darren wilson police brutality. they still take incidents ruled justifiable force and rule them brutality. that's why i claim, and i'll say it again, the way they define it and use it does not exist in america. >> always good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, uma. >> so now i'd like to hear from you and get your take on the president'sc÷ remarks thisz6 we. do you believe the media shares responsibility for fueling anti-cop protests and attacks? tweet me your responses @uma pemmaraju and i'll try to answer after the show. coming up an asteroid will pass by the erltd perfectly sued for halloween. we'll tell you why this giant space rock is giving us a serious fight. plus paul ryan promising a new tart in washington as he becomes speaker of the house. will it be a new day or more
12:29 pm
gridlock. congresswoman blackburn joining us and is on deck. stay with us. ♪song: "that's life"
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welcome back. now to the latest on our top story. the deadly crash of a russian airline in egypt. no video coming into the newsroom showing sheer devastation of the crash site in egypt's sinai peninsula. all 224 people on board, including children, now dead. the plane going on 20 minutes after takeoff heading to the russian city of st. petersburg. both black boxes have been recovered with the investigation kicking into high gear at this
12:34 pm
moment. >> the house is broken. we're not solving problems, we're adding to them. i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> that's newly elected house speaker paul ryan as he speaks in his first remarks to the chamber with a new leader in the house many hope for a period of calm on the hill. joining us with reaction march, a blackburn. good to havey you on the show today. >> good to be with you, thanks. >> people hoping some gridlock p end now that paul ryan is at the helm, hoping he can work well with president obama. how do you see it. >> i think what we'll see is a time of action in the u.s. house. paul ryan is someone who has focused on policy. he's been someone focused on getting things done. i was one of the original eight co-sponsors on his road map to
12:35 pm
prosperity and i think you're going to see him dust offer really great ideas and the house is going to take action. >> do you think what he needs to do is something similar to what we saw with former house speaker newt gingrich calling on a contract for america, something that puts ideas to paper and that the house can really follow as a gauge in terms of how they are doing overall? >> yeah, you know, the house has passed many bills. i thinkdq what people are wanti to hear from the house, who;fáz basically set the agenda for the country is a vision. paul mentioned this in his comments and i think you will see him lay out what speaker ryan's vision is going to be and then the house, working through the committee process, with the committee chairman in charge, will move forward and will take those actions. i think you're going to see us
12:36 pm
wor;i right up to the very end f this congress pushing and getting it across the finish line and to the president's desk. >> what are some of the top issues you see are going to be high priority in these first fe/ weeks. >> yes. one of the things that you're hearing from people is they want to see something done with tax reform. whether it is looking at the individual tax code or looking at the corporate rates. there's also a good bit of talks about regulatory reform and reining in regulations. this morning when i was out people were talking about spending, they are so concerned with the debt deal that was passed this week. i think if you look at regulation and spending, you look what's happening in taxation, those are having an effect on jobs, jobs growth, economy, innovation in the private sector. those are great places for us to begin. >> do you think, though, there's
12:37 pm
going to be a time clock ticking on paul ryan especially for conservatives who really feel betrayed over what has happened over the last several months with house speaker john boehner. do you believe he's got a lot of pressure on him to perform in a way that satisfies all parties? >> anyone who steps into a leadership position is going to have that pressure. i think what you saw paul ryan do as he took the mantel of speaker was to sit ?#down, brin people together at the table. he's going to give people a seat at that table. that's the right type step, to build coalitions and break apart the cliques, put people working together in coalitions to get things done. that is what our constituents want to see happen. >> i want to talk to you really quickly about your role in a committee put together to focus on the future of planned parenthood. we're taking a close look at the impact of videos.
12:38 pm
how do you see your role directing actions as chairwoman. >> what it is, select committee on infant lives. we're going to fk us on business practices of abortion provides and procurement organizations that have sold baby body parts. we want to look at the relationship between those two. what we also want to look at is the born alive act. if the child survives that abortion, the treatment they receive and also violations that may have occurred on the partial birth abortion ban. our committee is in the process of organizing. we're going to be focused. this is a fact-finding, mulchation gathering mission that we have. as we look at these medical practice and business practice components, much of our work, it's not something you're going to hear a lot about with a lot of flashy hearings but you're
12:39 pm
going to see us concentrate on this. we are going to focus on getting answers and we will bring together investigations taking place under judiciary committee, government reform committee, energy and commercial, under one umbrella and move forward to get answers on behalf of the american people and to look at how we protect life in this country. >> congresswoman, i hope you keep us focused on the work coming out of your committee. always great to have you on the show. >> thank you for your interest. >> speaking of paul ryan, he happens to be a guest on "fox news sunday" tomorrow. he'll be sitting downf with joh roberts in the chair for chris wallace. as the speaker said he's ready to get to work as congresswoman blackburn just pointed out. >> some mainstream republicans told me you, as speaker, may have to start throwing the senate under the bus to get -- >> i don't think we throw any republicans under the bus. look, i was not asked to disunify the republican party in
12:40 pm
the congress, i was asked to unify. throwing republicans under the bus is not in my job description. we have to unify and we have to also under the limits -$u$e constitution places on us when we have a president that doesn't agree with us, when we have a president that's unwilling to listen to us. hold trust to power, effective opposition party but very effective proposition party. >> that's coming up tomorrow morning on "fox news sunday" at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. can you check your local listings. and we're following a report in the latest on the deadly plane crash in egypt killing 200 people on board as the families of those victims search for answers and investigators comb the scene. plus technology opening new doors for folks trying to find jobs. you're going to meet a man creating opportunities in the coding world. so what's all that about? we'll explain. ♪
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welcome back. it's not often you hear about a career program that touts 90% of graduates getting jobs. boot camp, web developing classes making students experts in just months. now a story of one man creating c1 world, plus the success of one of the students. joining us lance lucas, ceo, a student at digital systems. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having me. >> this is a great success story. tell me why you felt the need to move in this direction and why are you so successful? >> we believe education has to be centered around employment. the best way to engage in upward mobility is through education. make sure people didn't incur a
12:46 pm
lot of debt and proper education where it they can actually feed their families and provide for a healthy lifestyle. >> this really was a big turning point in your life. tell us how you decided to get involved in the program and the impact it had on your life? >> i was approached by two of his students. they came to me and was telling me there was a program out there that could help me with technicalp verifications. i figured since i was in a teen homeless shelter and really didn't have anything else to do, why not give it a try. >> you think about this, all the odds stacked against you, living in that homeless shelter. yet now you are a very successful business owner. >> that is really fabulous and congratulations to you, the fact you're able to manage your own business and doing well. >> thank you. >> what's been the biggest lesson you've learned from all of this? >> from all of this what i learned is that÷pj you have determination and you have drive, you can get it done, no
12:47 pm
matter what it is. >> you're reaching out to young people across the board and you're finding that it doesn't take thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to make a difference. you're raising most of your money through private donations. >> private do nations and providing services. we believe entrepreneurship is the true freedom in this country, because rugged individuals went after and put it together. entrepreneurship is a way to provide services and pay for programs at the same time like conscious capitalism. >> when you call it conscious capitalism, talk more about expanding on that idea and taking it across the country. >> we want to look at the best way to improve people's quality of life and also make money. these two things aren't exclusively in their own category, you can do both. you can help people and you can make money at the same time, teach 100, 100 teach 1,000. each one teach one. >> your success is remarkal.
12:48 pm
you have so many young people graduating from these programs and doing well. the fact she is a shining example of what can happen. the mother of two young boys. if it wasn't for this, where do you think you would be right now? >> i'm not sure, probably still trying to figure out what i was going to do in college, things like that. you know, it didn't work out very well. you know, when i came to the program, things have worked[r o for me perfectly. >> the fact you are your own business owner at such a young age is quite a testament to the impact of this program? >> yeah. >> what makes her special? >> well, you know, at 18 years old and being able to go through such a hard time, being in a teen homeless shelter and go from a homeless shelter to work every day in cyber networks is an amazing story of triumph and also a story of how we can look for new places in this country to develop people to help defend this country. >> fabulous. congratulations to the both of
12:49 pm
you. i wish you all the best. we want to hear more of your success stories in the days and weeks to come. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> well, take a look. this ghostly image giving scientists quite a fright. we're going to explain in just a moment. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles...
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and we are back with news about a special halloween for a disabled child in connecticut all thanks to students at quinnipiac for making a 5-year-old kendall pollone's dream come true. she dressed up as cinderella and going trick-or-treating for the first time. the students transformed her wheelchair into a carriage. she has a neurological disorder. 200 people gathering to welcome her on her special day. happy halloween, indeed. a chosen counter. nasa saying an asteroid is zooming past earth today. about 300,000 miles above the surface. a little too close for comfort.
12:54 pm
brian? >> reporter: hi, uma. 78,000 miles per hour. that is about 2,000 feet in diameter, about three times the size of the colosseum in rome. that is pretty big for near earth objects. initially thought to be an asteroid. it is more than likely a dead comet, zombie comet, adding to the erie feel fittingly on halloween looks like a human skull face. a normal comet is made of ice and dust particles. this leaves only the charcoal dark rough. it flew by earth 302,000 miles away or 1.3 times the distance from the earth to the moon. this is the closest encounter we have had with a large space object since 2006.
12:55 pm
some scientists are a bit concerned this snuck up on us. >> things are spooky when they are kind of scary but not really a threat. this is a bookie thing. it wakes us up to the inability we live in a danger zone, the solar system, where stuff is flying around all the time. and some things hit the planet. >> nasa says they place a high priority on tracking a asteroids. since 1998, the near earth project program has found them larger than a half mile. the one that killed the dine soars was about six miles large. the next time we will have one come close to us, 2027. scientists found that one in 1999. back to you. >> boy, that asteroid looks spooky with that skull. earlier we asked do you believe the media shares any responsibility for fueling
12:56 pm
anti-cop protests and attacks? we've got a lot of tweets from you guys. brian says, yes, i degree. but the president could not a lot more for all cops across the country. and joseph adds, the media a may fuel it but the spark came straight from his justice department. that's a wrap for us here. i hope wherever you are you make it a great idea. don't forget to set your clocks back before you go to bed with daylight saving time coming to an end at 2:00 a.m. have a great day, everybody. did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix.
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1:00 pm
hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm heather childers in for julie. nice to be in today. nice to see everyone at home. investigators on the scene of a deadly russian plane crash after it went down in egypt in the sinai peninsula, killing everyone on board a deadly round of storms pound central texas. torrential rains and three possible tornados. and a big week for marco rubio as his campaign pocketbook got a whole lot deeper after a
1:01 pm
superpac mega donor. and we begin this hour with some good news for marco rubio. singer, one of the most wealthiest donors, throwing his support behind the florida senator. this comes after rubio hits the campaign trail in iowa rallying crucial caucusgoers. how does this impact rubio's campaign particularly moving forward with the iowa caucus so close in sight? >> well, this could potentially mean millions of dollars for the campaign. another win over jeb bush. rubio is riding the momentum of his strong debate performance. today in des moines, iowa, he spent much time criticizing
1:02 pm
president obama's policy and saying how it is he would fix the country. >> these are our challenges. is and we can address and fix every single one of them. for over two centuries, each has done its part. for over two centuries, each has confronted challenges and embraced the members of their time. >> he is one of several candidates trying to build support in the first in the nation state. kelly? >> all right, garrett. the next gop debate is a week and a half away. what changes changes are the campaigns hoping to see there? >> that is something they will be discussing privately. no secret they were not happy with how cnbc handled the debate. yesterday the republican national committee announced it was suspending its debate set to be held november 26th.
1:03 pm
they said this is due to how cnbc allowed the debate to unfold. >> the questions were argumentive, petty, putdowns in many cases, pitting candidates against each other. everything they promised not to do. everything. from the beginning to the end. >> cnbc, i want to give them credit. they did something i wasn't sure anybody could do. they actually have brought all the republican candidates together in a complete agreement that we won't do anymore debates on nbc if they're going to run them like that. >> nbc responded in a statement saying, "this is a disappointment development. however, along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo, we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party." the next gop is november 10th on the fox business network. kelly? we'll continue to follow the details. garrett, thanks.
1:04 pm
and a fox news alert. a russian plane going down over egypt, killing 224 people on board. officials recovering the bodies and the black boxes. isis militants claiming responsibility for that crash. although the pilot radioed about technical problems before the plane went down. two of europe's largest airlines opting not to fly over that area for the time being. john has the details. hi, john. >> reporter: heather, we are talking about the two airlines you mentioned, lufthansa and air france. both say the airlines will will divert around the sinai peninsula until the cause of the crash is determined for security reasons. but, again, egypt's prime minister said in other egyptian officials say there was no sign of any foul play.
1:05 pm
this as we are seeing new pictures of the crash site in egypt prime minister and other officials. they are suspecting the site. there is debris that you see parts of the russians operated metro jet airliner. and at this point, as you mentioned, heather, both black boxes have been recovered. this is crucial in determining what exactly happened. we have also seen the pictures and video of bodies being recovered and taken to a morgue in cairo. as mentioned, 224 people. all of those people on board killed, including 17 children, ages 2 to 17. now, egypt's prime minister a little bit earlier this evening said that there were no irregular activities a reported on the airliner and no mechanical issues from sharm el
1:06 pm
sheikh. it was en route to st. petersburg, russia. but this is seemingly contradictory to what the pilot said. he said there was some kind of technical problem. as we know, 20 minutes into the flight, contact was lost and the plane dropped off the radar. it went down in a volatile region of the sinai where egyptian forces have been battling isis militants. again, as i said, both egyptian and russian officials have essentially ruled out any foul play or terrorist attack. this as family members are waiting. any more information about what happened and always for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned. also investigators will be looking into the history of this particular metro jet airliner. if there were, indeed, any mechanical problems. again, egyptian officials say none were determined to have
1:07 pm
been a problem even prior to the takeoff to the departure of this particular flight. again, both black boxes have been recovered. that will be crucial, a key piece of evidence in determining exactly what happened as far as this crash. heather? >> very, very early in determining a cause. but we do know a lot of lives lost. thank you so much, john. tragedy overseas in romania. 27 people killed and hundreds others injured. a heavy metal band was setting off fireworks during a basement concert is causing the ceiling to ignite. victims getting crushed during a stampede for the exit. the romanian president said safety regulations appeared to have been ignored. detectives in the bullseye of severe storms.
1:08 pm
torrential rains. six people are dead. one missing. also reports of two people hurt after a possible tornado near houston. alicia is live with the latest on this. hi, alicia. >> hi, heather. that reported tornado, according to officials on the ground in houston, was in southern harris county. and you can see from the video that winds were so strong they tossed trailers and mobile homes like toys. right now residents are attempting to dig out from the debris and damage from the storm that hit early this morning. widespread power outages have also been reported. in austin, onion creek is a reminder how much damage water can cause. folks are still rebuilding from a halloween flood two years ago. state representative rodriguez is touring homes taken over by the creek. >> talk to go different agency, different things we can do to
1:09 pm
provide relief as soon as possible. just trying to talk to folks to see what they need. for others, this might be the last straw and they may move out. >> in san antonio, a church group became stranded by a storm. a community center there opened as an emergency shelter. the business district in hill country still recovering from earlier flooding this year. >> this is significant for us because of the physical struck is surely damage, not to mentioned equipment damage. we'll recover. i won't tell you it is not disheartening, but we're going to do it. >> heather, the houston office of emergency management right now says it is dealing with multiple flooded structures, as well as roads in the city. heather? live for us, thank you so much. thanks. well, your favorite burrito could be making you sick. health officials are looking at
1:10 pm
popular text mechanics chains of chipotle. the new donor with some very big bucks and why donald trump is speaking out against it. >> you think a lobby will put up millions of dollars. do you think they give bush or rubio or any of these people millions of dollars? i know them very well. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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1:14 pm
welcome back. exxon mobil under fire. leading environmental groups demanding a federal investigation into the oil and gas giant. the groups are saying they are misleading climate change about its profits. e. coli linked to chipotle in washington state and oregon. 22 people got sick after eating at the mexican food chain. highly no deaths have been reported, one-third of the people have been hospitalized. >> rescuers scrambling to save a humpback whale tangled in
1:15 pm
fishing gear. they have removed 150 feet of line. but there is still line trailing the animal. marco rubio making big begins in his quest for the republican nomination for president. the florida senator snagging a superpac donor, paul sing or, a new york investors. donald trump less than con garage la tore to rubio, tweeting this. i see marco rubio just landed another billionaire to give big money to his super pack. which are total scams. marco must address him as sir. a former deputy staff secretary to president bill clinton. tammy, i will start with you. is this a trick or treat for rubio given what we already see
1:16 pm
donald trump calling him out and saying this is more of the same. it seems to be the year for outsiders. will this work for him or against him? >> i think it is both. it helps him stay alive. it helps with his campaign. he has had a difficult time raising money, keeping up with the pac. in the long run it sends a different message. it says, look, are the insider machine leaving jeb bush going to marco rubio? why is he their choice. is he going to become the de facto challenger. trump's critique is funning and well taken. this will be an issue for mr. rubio. >> what do you think trick or
1:17 pm
treat? >> i would never thought i would say mr. trump would become the most eloquent in this race but there you have it. it is troubling to the republican party. there is dis-ease over who is the established candidate here. both marco rubio and jeb bush, in my view, are highly flawed. and couldn't light the tail of a firefly. senator lindsey graham, who is very conservative, said marco rubio is too far to the right on abortion, on pro life. not supporting abortion in the case of rape and incest. he thinks that will preclude him from winning an election. i think singer's endorsement in this case reflects some dis-ease within the republican party over who will be the torch bearer. >> tammy, also shows some change
1:18 pm
within the party. when you talk about being far right, singer himself is very pro game marriage. that is not exactly far right. >> his donations focused on individuals to broad especially the party base, and appeal of it. so that is important. also, mr. singer endorsed mitt romney and was behind the romney case. mitt romney vetted marco rubio in '12. something happened there to where marco rubio didn't make the cut. so it will be a very interesting period of time. this will keep mr. rubio in the fight. of course carly fiorina needs to get money as well. i don't think jeb bush will be staying in. we'll see where the jockey issing is if marco can be the outsider who understands washington, d.c. and can get something done. >> moving on to the next debate that is coming up, what, is it next thursday hosted by fox
1:19 pm
business. >> what do these candidates need to do from here forward to make themselves stand out and change me of what is happening right now? >> from my perspective as a democrat, i am wondering who is going to pose the biggest threat in going for the middle, particularly in swing states that always decide our election. >> who is that out of this group? >> well, i had thought it was john kasich, to be honest with you. but he hasn't seemed to have caught fire among the republican primary voters. it means ted cruz will emerge as an attractive candidate. if you notice his attacks on marco rubio, it backfired on him. attacks on ben carson backfire odds donald trump.
1:20 pm
i hope they start talking about their policy ideas. none of them are offering anything other than tax cuts for the rich. will they come up with new ideas? that's what we want to see. >> tammy, you have about 20 seconds. >> i think the fire lineup is fabulous. they were what they have to show. the fox business network will ask great questions. it's not going to be a horrible show like we just got with cnbc. the american people will learn what these people stand for. it will be another opportunity. yes, it's a great problem to have. many, many great individuals to choose from. we will have a great nominee. who is going to win that and the general election next year. >> we have a long way to go. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. well, the woman we are about to meet lives by the credo "in god we trust."
1:21 pm
those are the words of ta juan t.j. mercer. she is a hollywood success story. here is t.j.'s triumph and story of living beyond the dream. >> i remember a little country girl from jackson, tennessee with this big foreign dream. >> taskwraupb t.j. mercer dreamed of going to howard university in washington, d.c. and she dreamed of becoming a success in hollywood. she fulfilled both dreams. by she didn't do it alone. >> my mom was committed her baby was going to live her dream. she used to drive me in howard to do my internship. >> she worked on "the tonight show" with jay leno, extra, and shrek, cars, and the chronicles of narnia.
1:22 pm
and she worked on the bachelor, r&b divas. upon retiring, though, she is now fulfilling another dream, helping others achieve their goals in life. >> my dream is to make others's dreams come true. i said, lord, if you could let me travel the world, hug a bunch of people and surprise them, that would be the best. oh, my goodness. but teej did not always see the best in life. in doing a photo shop she write back seat her life-threatening struggle with domestic violence. >> about three years of my life, while i'm working on some of the biggest shows on television, i was harboring this dark secret that no one knew. that was i was a battered wife. that every day i was receiving some kind of verbal abuse or some kind of physical abuse. and i almost lost my life
1:23 pm
several times at the hands of my ex-husband. >> so hard to believe because i see you as this victorious, empowered woman today. >> yeah. >> how did you get to this place in your life? >> i realized that i was sleeping next to crazy. and that i could not fix crazy. crazy is an acronym. i teach the signs of sleeping next to crazy. >> she moved out and got a divorce. she wrote a book to encourage other successful women who may be undergoing the same story. >> i want the woman who reads it to go through so she can go from victim to survivor. but i don't want her to stop there. i need her to go from survivor to thriver. >> with her victory over domestic violence, she has been able to enjoy the fruits of her labor.
1:24 pm
retired now she is pursuing her next dream, helping others achieve their goals through her foundation, project dream light. >> i get to give dreams the green light. without life-threatening illnesses and for adults. >> she credits success to a higher authority. >> god had a clear trajectory for my life. and it sounds crazy. but i have to -- i cannot tell you authentically my story without him. >> and life, life on the other side is -- >> i know you're a hugger. give me a hug. and thank you for living beyond the dream. >> they call her an exclamation point. i think you can see why. >> she's awesome. and i love the idea that the it is project green light. >> if you want to know the details of her act anyone, you have to read the book.
1:25 pm
and this is october, being domestic violence awareness month. we thank you for the good work you're doing to help so many women overcome this insidious evil. well, switching gears, tragedy unfolding in egypt. the russian jetliner going down in the sinai peninsula. >> plus, police in connecticut revealing a motive for the brutal murder of this couple. what we're learning next. >> we went there with officers and located areas in the yard a that appeared suspicious and may contain evidence. art health's i. you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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1:30 pm
crashing on egypt's sinai peninsula 20 minutes after takeoff. egyptian officials say they have recovered both black boxes. two european carriers are taking precautions about flying over the region. more with retired u.s. navy captain bob wells, former national security adviser to vice president dick cheney. captain, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> when you look at this, our condolences go out to the passengers's families. we have to see what is the cause of this. we know apparently there was a technical problem before the plane even took off. >> i think the world is really getting all the information at the same time. our thoughts and prayers go out to the russian passengers, the russian people. secretary of state kerry also acknowledged the tragedy and passed on the condolences from all the american people. but this is a safety investigation now.
1:31 pm
it's good news they've got the black boxes. it is good news they have the egyptian authorities on site there. what we do know, as has been reported, the aircraft did take off. it got to 30,000 feet and started having about 6,000 foot descent after 20 minutes of flight. it was trying to make a landing. and it broke up upon impact. they found it in two different pieces. that's what i have seen so far. pulling in all the other issues that are also coming from the crash from some of the other news that you hear in the area. >> you know, we're here in the united states. and whatever happened in the sinai region of egypt, it is devastating when you think about it. of course there are bad characters in that region. two european airlines have decided not to fly over that
1:32 pm
area as an act of precaution. what does it say that even this kind of statement would be made, that perhaps something was going on amis, that foul play may have been involved? >> well, it is said that everyone is very concerned about the safety of flights. i think it was klm and lufthansa and possibly air france declared they will not be flying over this region. they take flight safety very seriously. there were reports about an isis air-to-aramis ill. we are concerned about manned pads. in libya, there was quite a few man pad stinger type that got loose. the investigation has to run its
1:33 pm
course. >> the russians have had challeng challenges. i was in moscow in 1995, before they started buying boeing aircraft. there were flats under disrepair. they have made some progress. but they have had a troubling track record with maintenance, human error. i think it was a 2011 loss of an aircraft based on human error with their hockey team on board. there's others as well. the aviation safety process for international civil aviation and the russians, i understand, are sending a commission will be paramount with looking at what really happened. black boxes are crucial, as well as the other anecdotal evidence. >> before i let you go, i have to talk about syria and the fact that u.s. troops are now in
1:34 pm
syria. something the president said he never want to do. what are we seeing as a result of this action and what can we anticipate when they're going in there to find eyes dismiss. >> i think we are seeing recommitment to the original strategy, which was to contain the isis elements and thrust into iraq. iraq is really the key level of effort for the united states, working with the iraqi security forces, working up the euphrates. i like the pairing with the kurdish forces in northern syria. raqqah has always been the protector inside syria has always been the capital for isis. and on you new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff dunford had a tour of the region looking at what didn't work with regard to our original intent with the training equipped for the syrian forces. we now have i think a better
1:35 pm
component of strategy. the bottom line, kelly, it's going to take a long time. it's still going to take the capability on the ground to defeat isis. our troops, i believe the president when he says they're not going to go into bat with when they are with the kurds and arab forces outside raqqah. >> they would obviously be exposed some of the same dangers the forces would incur. i want to talk about what's on the ground since you mentioned. that is the vast amount of refugees. some are trapped in the kurdistan region where they are receiving aid. sit very commendable with the kurds. >> we need to do a lot more. we really need to look at turkey. turkey is a key partner for the united states. obviously we're working out of the air force base there. we need to look at the turkish capacity to actually help the
1:36 pm
refugees coming out of syria. they certainly have had quite a few coming in to sorry kwrafplt but also the other neighboring countries, jordan, lebanon. everyone has concerns. the united states needs to continue to lead the effort. >> quickly i don't want to interrupt you but i want to get this out. as far as turkey is concerned, how do we tell turkey to leave the kurds alone? fighting against isis together? >> we have to continue to do it through diplomatic means, through political military means with our component commanders. we have to do it through united nations. we have to do it with the security council. there needs to be full-court press. there's quite a few things the united states can do. we need to step up and continue to lead. >> i really appreciate your perspective and your insights into this. we had a lot of different questions going on because of
1:37 pm
all the different things that are happening. bob wells, adviser to vice president dick cheney. thank you, sir. have a great day. >> thank you, kelly. >> well now to a gruesome killing in connecticut. police obtaining an arrest warrant charging a 27-year-old with the murder of his parents. may have in killed his parents because they planned to quit him out of their will. the bodies were found outside a vacant home on thursday. investigators saying that they found dna evidence from the couple in kyle mavin's truck and in the basement of his home. the state department releasing thousands more pages of e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. but one major segment is being left out. a white house official says it will not release any e-mails sent between president obama and
1:38 pm
mrs. clinton. james? >> reporter: heather, greetings from washington where aides to president obama say he and secretary of state hillary clinton only exchanged a relative handful of e-mails and that they were, quote, mostly nonsubstantive because the president and clinton mostly conducted business in person or by telephone. presidential communications are not subject to the freedom of information act. a position taken by the bush/cheney administration. the secretary, whose private server was running weak and outdated server, joked to an aide that the chinese were hacking clinton's contact list. weird since my address only has your gmail. maybe the chinese hacked it and focused on you. then two minutes later, even weirder, i do have your state but not your gmail. so how did that happen? adding again, must be the chinese.
1:39 pm
the latest batch also reveal among those entrusted with mrs. clinton's private remail was ben affleck mrs. clinton said chris steve else, whom she personally recruited for that dangerous mission and ultimately killed by terrorists during the benghazi attacks, did not have her personal e-mail address. the state department is processing 55,000 of mrs. clinton's private e-mails for public release. friday's was the largest release so far with 7,000 e-mails. mrs. clinton said she deleted 30,000 before turning the rest over. the fbi is investigating whether any laws were broken. health senator. >> that you know, james rosen. clinton says said she never sent anything overseas marked "classified" on the private server trick-or-treating can be a lot of fun for kids. but there are also hidden dangers out there. next, tips on how to keep your family safe on halloween. your body was made for
1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz.
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1:44 pm
welcome back. here's the author's weekly commentary. >> more and more there's talk of rein stating the military draft. sit a debate guaranteed to separate the men from the boys and even the girls. we have been at war 14 years now. it took the death of a special forces soldier on a rescue mission in iraq last week for the administration to admit what we already knew. u.s. troops are in a war against the so-called islamic state. once again, the president's remedy is to trickle in a few more troops. the next administration will have to answer for obama's
1:45 pm
efforts to keep his powder dry. last year alone the special forces deployed into 147 countries. federal law still requires men between 18 and 25 to register for a draft that was disbanded 42 years ago in the aftermath of vietnam. today the american public, ever ready to cover our warriors with praise, could quickly resume its anti-military mood if the draft becomes a serious proposition. high casualty figures would certainly erode support from the troops from the queasy media. we like our wars clean. arguments for rein stating the draft have merit. most obviously in the pressing need to maintain defense in an era of reduced military spending. that's reason enough for the
1:46 pm
outgoing secretary of the army john mchugh to suggest that women should be registering too. after all, by january 1st of next year, it's expected most, if not all, combat jobs will be open to women. a late argument against the draft emphasizes the higher costs for such an expanded force. and the temptation to go to war more often. nevertheless, the armed services remain the only american institution left that commands and receives authority and respect. that should be said for bridging the wide gap between a volunteer army and restriction. between that less than 1% in uniform and the rest of our country. the leavening process is still the best chance we have to address our serious cultural and social divisions. racism, elitism, and the ego
1:47 pm
centric nature of the recent not so great generations. with the russians on the march again, eastern and western european countries are already reconsidering the draft question. at home, reviving constriction might serve is as an issue in the presidential campaign. an argument for a united america that seems to have slipped away. r. >> a colorful display of halloween in key west, florida's old town. thousands of masks and revellers parading in the masquerade march which began at the key west cemetery. it's part of a 10-day costume festival that continues through tomorrow. as many as 60,000 people estimated to be taking part. >> wow. >> nice weather for them, it looks like. well, one toddler stealing
1:48 pm
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welcome back to "america's news headquarters." people in most portions of the country will be turning their clocks back one hour for daylight savings time. and while many of us expect to get some extra sleep tonight, doctors say that daylight savings time can actually have the opposite effect. and that also can play other tricks on people's health. let's bring in dr. nina ratcliffe, she's an anesthesiologist and private practice md. thank you so much for joining us. >> great to see you. >> so fall back, spring forward. we like to think that if we're getting an extra hour of sleep, me, especially, i always get up so early in the morning, that
1:53 pm
it's gad for us, but maybe that's not necessarily the case? why? >> many of us are optimistic that come monday, we'll be able to sleep in an hour, but the reality is, most of us are not able to cash in on this. even though our minds know about it, our internal clocks just aren't aware of this. we often times find ourselves waking up an hour early. we can see this happen for a few days and we might see ourselves having difficulty falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night. >> is there anything we can do to counteract that? >> we always want to follow sleep hygiene. that means the routines and rituals that help us fall asleep. that can be darkening our rooms, turning off gadgets such as smartphones or the television just a little bit earlier so we can have time for our melatonin to elevate. >> that is the worst. the smartphones and the cell phones, all the gadgets. how long do we need to leave, you know, how early should we turn them off? >> well, experts recommend between 30 minutes to an hour. and the key is basically, we are not a light switch. we cannot just turn off sleep, turn on sleep. it's a continuum. we need to be able to progress
1:54 pm
thoroughly. it's important to do things that are calming, such as reading, deep breathing, prayer, those types of things. >> a little bit of meditation goes a long way. >> it certainly does. >> and possibly not sugar, which a lot of folks will be eating today, given that it is halloween. that's not exactly good for sleep. so what about some tips for halloween? a safe halloween and healthy one. >> definitely. first of all, we want to try to have a small snack or mini meal before going out trick or treating. otherwise, even the most disciplined people, it will be difficult for them to be able to resist the treats in their bag. and also, i want to point out for parents, although we hope it never happens, tampering of halloween treats can occur. we want to be able to inspect them. if you have any concerns, toss them out or call the police. >> what is the best way to inspect the candy or the treats that the kids come home with? >> definitely do it with light. if you do it before you get home, use a flashlight. look through it carefully. anything that looks unpackaged or opened or tampered with, just get rid of it.
1:55 pm
>> i like the idea of eating a meal. my mom would always make oyster stew and we would have that before we went out. and we always still did have a lot of halloween candy. if you're hosting a halloween party, tips to make it healthier? >> boo-nanas, doing healthier treats, and for kids, there was a study that was done that kids are just as likely to pick a toy as they are a treat. i'm doing stickers and pensies for halloween. i want to make it a healthy halloween. >> and costumes as they're out roaming around the neighborhood? >> we want to avoid falls. if the costume is not bright, get some reflective tape. you want to be able to be seen. you want to make sure that you have pedestrian safety. >> and everyone look out for each other. >> appreciate it, as always. >> and what is coming up, kelly? >> we're going to be right back, i'm told. >> we're coming right back. and wishing you could stay in bed all day.
1:56 pm
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this is a fox news alert. four people are dead, including a suspected gunman, following a shooting spree in downtown colorado springs. police say they were responding to reports of shots being fired this morning when they spotted a suspect matching the description of the person they were trying to find. they say the suspect opened fire and police fired back. the crime scene covering several major downtown streets. no details so far on the other victim or how they died. we'll continue to follow that story. >> yeah, troubling news coming out of colorado. as it develops, we'll continue
2:00 pm
to follow it, as kelly said. thank you so much for joining us. that does it for us? "the five" is next and catch heather tonight at 7:00. >> great to be here on a weekend. happy halloween to everyone. keep it a safe one. i'm kimberly gill along with geraldo rivera meghan mccain and greg gufffeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." some of the gop candidates are still seething about wednesday night's grows grossly biased den cnbc, saying they are prepared to take action. >> be ready to hear that the campaigns are going to not allow the networks to control this process, to marginalize the very candidates. i think there's going to be some pretty bold expressions from the joint campaigns that will be coming very soon. >> i've asked my staff


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